Web Cloned

Hi, the way i choosed to learn flash was to clone a web, so i started with www.sinesdigital.pt a kirupa’s site of the week , and now, i almost finish doing it, but i want your critics before finishing it
thnx :smiley:


Well I went through your site, and thought I’d share my view on it. Two things I noticed before getting to your content: 1) the button on your splash plage to load up the main movie is only a button around the text itself. If it were me (and maybe this isn’t all that important), I would change it so that your button on the hit state was a solid square around the area you wanted for the button. 2) your actual site is 1157K. I know a lot of people have broadband now, but that’s still quite a sizeable chunk of download time. Just so you know, it took me 170 seconds to load up your movie (my download was sitting around 7-9k/sec).

As to your actual emulation, I thought it was a pretty good job. Had quite the 3d look and feel to it. Learning by imitation is a good form of flattery too.

Ok, just thought I’d share some constructive criticisms.

Have a good one,


thank you for your critics, it really helps me a lot,

  1. that’s right, now, i corrected that :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I has always been my biggest problem on all movies i’ve made, the filesize, i dont know how to reduce it or at least make it loads faster,:frowning:

how did you make that awesome 3d effect? is it all flash? or were there other programs at work?

yep, i used swift 3d v2. you can purchase it at www.erain.com