Web design battle!

Alright, there doesn’t look to have been a web design battle for a while, excepting that “worst web site” one and the one that some guy stuck up to get us to redesign his web site so I thought I’d start one up.

Challenge is SMALL! You’ve got to build a web site template (don’t worry about the text - just use the link to the filler text so everyone is starting with the same content), images and all, in less than 32k (why 32k? I’m 32, you see). So you’ve got a bit of scope but not too much. The site has to be 100% XHTML 1.1 compliant, as goes with any CSS you might choose to use.

The theme is: a site for an ice cream manufacturer (your choice of name!) as it’s summer (where I am anyway) and dead hot, and it’s the only thing that’s keeping me cool.

Any other questions? The body text that EVERYONE has to use can be found at