Web design logo

I was playing around with PS effects and blends and that’s what i came out with.

What do u all think? :sigh:

should be in showcase and critiques:)
although i like the font, it looks, well, kinda web 2.0 ish. remove the 3d look, it would look horrible rasterized. the main rule for logos = vector;)

Thanks a lot! :smiley:
This rule is for web logos too?

I really don’t like the blur/outter glow on the text. It only will cause you legibility problems in the longrun. not sure how that would look in print either.

Thank god I won’t print it then! :smiley:
It’s for web use only… :wink:
Thx 4 the comments! :thumbsup:

For web use I like it. Really depends what the rest of the site looks like.

Yeah, it looks like an earlier look but it could work.

We don’t all have to upgrade to grunge type pages.

You guys are so right about vectors, but I’m only familiar to PS.
I never did something good with Illustrator or any vector-based prog.

I’ll give a shot with Flash and come back to ya.