Web Module v.1.0

Please check out my first try on a web control panel. Its not close to finished, and the menu is a bit buggy, but please give me some feedback as to what I sould add, change, get rid of, and so on…Thx :snug:

no comments??? :m:

Try posting something slightly low res.
winrar? Just post a screenshot :smirk:

Can you provide it zipped ?

yes i can :beam:

jay-em, a screen shot would do no good, since you wouldn’t be able to see rollover effects and stuff of that sort :-\

almost forgot, use Admin as the login and admin as the password, or Guest as the login and guest as the password. Also if you can, enter the wrong login and password, so you go to the access denied page :}

any comments???

A screenshot would have been better than a winrar …:smirk:

Hang on, lemme unzip this thing…:hangover:

:crazy: I think I just had a siezure…

uh, good colors
dangerous animation… lol

____:q: jMkM

won’t let me log in

yalder, its case sensitive, and make sure you downloaded the .zip one, and use Admin for the user name and admin for the password :}

pretty cool, just wanted you to know that it’s not very secure. if you right click and push play twice, it brings you to the admin panel without a password

yea i no, i am going to make it use PHP and MySQL, but i haven’t coded it yet, and I am in need of a testing server which supports the two, so for now I am just using if statements, i also forgot to disable the menu :sigh:

Does anyone have any ideas for a better menu? I was thinking of going with teh spiral menu 2 from Ultrashock, anyone else got any ideas? :snug:

anyone??? :frowning: