Thought I would try for the title next week.

email is in my profile.

You’ll have my vote when you embed the font of your buttons :beam:

Of course you have my vote Jubba :slight_smile:

Those masked wire transitions are awesome.

i think the hidden menu is a bad idea. maybe you should put like a sign that says gravitate here or click here. very hard to find out what to do to navigate. also the chromeless window doesn’t work for people with service pack #1 for XP. might want to change that. if you dont know what the effect is it makes it a full screen and people don’t gennerally like that. thats all i say wrong with it. other then that its fine to me. awesome job.

Pom: I knew i was forgetting something. I meant to do that a long time ago and it just slipped out of my head.

Lost: Thanks :slight_smile:

DSC: Yeah I know the hidden menu is a bad idea, but its not my idea. Its the owner of the site. I am going to make it so that it will stay open longer when the person first enters the page, and so that it will open randomly for longer periods of time.

And about the IE Service pack. I’m going to fix the site. It will no longer be in a chromeless window, because it is not widely supported anymore, hell IE doesn’t even support it now. So I’m goign to just pop it into a regular browser window until I come out with Version 2.0 Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the votes. Keep them coming.

i wonder why they did that? the chromeless window was awesome. to bad microsft came out with service pack 1. :-\

Because microsoft sucks.

Why not java script pop-up? :-\

I’m giong to when I get back to school and I have access to my good computer.