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hi everyone… i need a review on my site plz visit


Thanks a lot… any comments and suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:

I like the layout. A couple of things.

  1. The images up top, look very 2Advancedish. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it looks like one of their older versions, even the images are similar. In addtion, the animation on them is too frequent and distracting.

  2. The buttons on rollover appear to be shifting slightly. For instance, every time I reload the page, there are white bars between some of the buttons and it changes every time. Then if I start the rollover and go from home to the end there is always a white line to the left of the last rolled over button. Then if I go back towards the home button, the white bars disappear. The same thing happens in the nav bar under services.

In general good job though.

I don’t like the shadeing that moves on the header images, other then that I like it.

my thoughts…

  • looks really templaty.
  • those animations get really old and annoying
  • images in portfolio either need to be larger or (ideally) could be enlarged.
  • subnavigation in portfolio doesn’t work (at least it looks like sub nav).
  • you should make your content div …errr td backgrounds black or dark grey so that when you’re waiting for the bg images to load, you don’t see #fff text on a #ccc background.
  • on the contact page, there are no fields with a , yet the site reads, "Note: Fields with asterisk () are required."

the header image looks like it’s photoshop cutout filtered or just bad resolution. not a bad idea just a bad image.

I don’t like the scroll bars on the news and events, there are other ways to do that, or just simply place a few.

Also, your right side content, like your “welcome message”, “why choose webpoint”, etc. does not align properly.

That bridge picture is lame and reminiscent of 1992.
Same with that glowy gradient animation on top of it, which, does its thing way too oftenly

The overal feel is done ok, but just seems kinda old school and dated. Constant looping animations are never really a good thing unless they are very subtle. This kinda looks templatey IMO. DIV scroll bars are whack too.