Website Critique

Hey guys,

I’m just a college student with a lil free time. I’ve been coming here for a while seeing wut people think about flash/photoshop stuff and i am very impressed with what some of you can do.

If anyone feels like wasting some time. check out my site at and let me know what u think. yeah i know, this site contains some vulgar language (thats how we all speak when we are free) and hmmmm censorable pictures.

Sorry, hope it doesnt offend anyone…again, i just want to know wut skills/stuff i should improve on.


ps- i know navigation menu is weak…:slight_smile:

Serious… 6mb?

That is rediculously huge.

It’s a cool site. Seems like with a little tweaking it could be real nice. I’m guessing it’s so huge because you are loading all the pics and the music before the site opens. I would suggest learning some scripts to load things in as needed.

p.s. I was all excited for some offensive pics and then couldn’t find any. Other than some dudes butt.

its the mp3…which is like 4 mb istelf…i guess i could reduce its quality…?

guess u missed the boobies… hahaha thanks for the feedback tho

njhokie2002, next time post your site in ‘site check’.

loading time is a tad too big. Plus there are some bugs; when you come from 1 section to another the mp3 suddenly stops and starts overs. Navigation is a bit crappy, add some easing…

Other than that I think you have a very well done photo gallery



which one AREN’T you drunk in? LOL nice design and some funny pictures

i agree, nav should be improved, and some of those pics in ur gallery, they seem unnecesary

I’m just a college student with a lil free time

a little free time! :confused:

yeah work on ya nav bar and sort out that load time 56k users will be waiting a good year b4 they get the see the cookies that are on there. Cough not worth the wait cough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, so why are you naked on like all the phothos? Some kind of fetish or what? You should like play chess to pass time or something… Site looks ok, though.