Please check my site

Would you please review my site and give me your honest opinion. Feel free to comment on whatever you want… I need to add a loading (progress bar) at the beginning so the user knows to expect some feeback from my page… any ideas or suggestions…

I also need to add music to the albums on the first page… any suggestions on how to do this without killing the download time… If you check there I have a previous version of the site and some of the albums on the bottom have music but they take too long to load.


You guys are really great!


I redirected the thread for you. You will get more critiques in this area on your web site.

That was very nice of you. Great service… Very nice…

dead link? all I get’s a blank page…

doesn’t work in FF and takes forever to load.

Sorry Guys!
My index.html file was loading the wrong swf. It is all ok now.
I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Firstly, you need a pre-loader I closed the window when I thought it wasen’t working(im sure you dont want that)

The navigation is a bit simple, it does suit the site but I steel feel it needs a makeover.

Im not so sure about the overlay effect, during the transition you end up with a large moving mess. Perhaps fade out the ‘leaving text’ as well as moving it, at least then the user will focus on the new info.

I like the picture gallery but it opens the image from its stored position, it would be better if it was opended within flash. Like expand the image from its current position to its full size or something along those lines

Overal not bad, a few small tweaks and changes needed imho

Hi Jake,

First impressions are that the structure of the site is good, much improved from your previous one,

i dont believe there are any major problems with the site, load times are good, easy to navigate etc…BUT there are some stylistic/flash things that you must resolve to get a suitable outcome

  1. Im not keen on dog poo brown, and it looks even worse when coupled with that orange…and yes, even worse with the bright green on the pictures page! :stuck_out_tongue:

the orange and green go ok, but IMO its a no no

search around and find a more suitable colour scheme, look at Kirupa’s ‘site of the week’ for some inspiration

  1. the transitions between each section overlap, which looks bad and is unnecessary.

you should play the outro animation of a section before the intro of the next one!

there is a very good tutorial on this here…

  1. think about using a different font for the menu… or make actual buttons

at the moment it doesnt feel as if you are making enough use of flash as a web tool.
a lot of what you have done could be easily laid out in html

for example, it would be nice if you animated the mask between sections instead of having it just wipe across

All suggestions and opinions accepted. I will make the improvements. About the colors… The brown color :slight_smile: was picked by the owner of the site… I am kind of stock with it… he also liked the green and orange… he wants to get colors bright and “fun”. :te: … about the picture gallery… I tried so many photo albums tutorials and I wasn’t able to make them work… I will continue trying to correct this. I agree about not using the flash tools as I should… I will work on this… I just want to publish something that his customers can see for now and work on the details little by little.

Thanks for the honest opinions…