Well i have a question

why doesnt this site have a section on any thing about games and so some simple scripts like how to make a game over screen,or so how to make the flash calcuate miss’s and hitand all types of things, or a health bar, or anything of that sort… not to complex, but you things you would need to know to make your self a ok flash game!!!

This site has the tutorials necessary to learn how to do all of that stuff. It has hit tests and dynamic text and tell target. If you do all those tutorials and put them together, then you create the game yourself. If we go any further, then we are basically creating the game for you. If you have any specific questions, we can help ya out…

Jubba is right. There are a good amount of tutorials that cover the individual components of creating a game. I will, this summer, create a few tutorials on detecting a hit/miss, adding up scores, and a few more that I find might not be covered ‘adequately’ in the tutorials.

Cheers :slight_smile:

well i new that the site had stuff like that but for people who are new to flash, or just plain dont know what some of the things are called, it would make buliding games alot easyier. since every site that has info about flash, ive never seen any sections about making games.

Well, the reason sections about making games are hard to come by, is that there are so many possible games to make, and so many different things that can be down with Flash, that making such a section would be difficult because, seriously, where would you begin? There are point-and-click games, car games, matching-puzzle games…the possibilities only exist in your mind…and someone else’s creativity could be different from your own…

i know that, but even justthe basics that are in anygame. atleast every game i have played has had some type of score system, and some type of game over, or loseing scean. i know there are alot of ideas out there for making a game. and i know that there are probably alot of people with the same view as me, altough you do have a good point too

I’m working on stuff for “motion of objects”, “hit detection”, and “logistical flow”. That should cover most of the basics. The problem I have is “enemy intelligence”. That chapter in my tuts will be a long way off. It’s so @#%$ tough to figure that stuff out.

Yeah, Upu, but it’s so much fun… :smiley:

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