Well ? What do you think?

[FONT=Arial]Hello ALL ![/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Well you guys, I’m very new here, still reading and try to learn. Between my Family 2 kids-wife and a job I don’t have much time to work on it. But decided to try it and do my best. This will be - maybe not ??? our for sale forum ?!?!?![/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]**So far me and my friend design ( if you even can call this “design” ) this: :expressionless: **[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Let me know what you think…This is very far to be done and finish I’m just testing my options, try to add some colors and life in to it.[/FONT]

ok, i started to type a reply, but i just couldnt… sorry…

Chicken from down under ??? no way !!!

I’m with love police on this one. It’s a forum, whats to critique?

hey, i just dont want to make you cry…

Looks like a swish-made thing…in your spare time take the Kirupa Tutorials in FLASH and Design and start at the begining.

oh my god…:stunned:

congrats you’ve just been added to my worst web sites ever list :thumb:

Like the guys say I don’t even know where to start. I think you’re looking for a page to lead users to your forum. 1st tip, scrap this and scrap it now.

My 2nd tip is to look through some websites. Write down a list of the things you like and didn’t like. Once you’ve looked at enough sites you should have a good list. Then concentrate on maybe 4 points from the I like list and build your site design around it.

Good place to find sites is design agencies galleries and site design award sites. Try some of these



don’t be scared by the sites you see in these links though, remember these are award winners and way above you’re starting level

remember even the guys who did these sites had the same skill level as you’re self once

Well - thank you all for your reply’s - I understand and I appreciate you honesty it is ok to be wrong- have no brains for such a thing and keep trying and this is the reason I’m here. I want to learn and be just like all of you–some day - probably not.
THANK you Rab Bell for your reply at least I have been added somewhere on the list LOL. I’m not afraid to take any crap from you guys - as I said I’m here to learn. All of you are probably a computer “geeks” and spend countless hours in the front of your monitor trying to do your best or just BS’n.
From your last post Rab at least I have a starting point and I **will start **checking and who knows.
I hope to talk to you all soon. Well ---- maybe not all of you.

I know where to start :wink:

Fontography is poor. You have 3 highly unreated fonts, each just as horrible as the other.

The photo composition, what’s the relevance of it? I guess daffy lookin around is relevant for looking for a sale? :lol: but why put him on a wave? Just bad composition

Yep, and most of us get paid very well to do so too :wink:

Ok my friend.
Tell me how much it will cost me to get you to help me.
about “”“daffy lookin around”"" LOL !!! I was just playing around.
You can always pm me with your offer…
Hope to talk to you soon.

Perhaps, try creating a logo for yourself first, and using that on the homepage and the forum header. > Im not sure if daffyduck is the right way to go, but I sorta get what yoiu are trying to do with the “search” / use of magnifying glass. As for the forum skinning, If you did do that, then nice job, ( I know these canbe a beyatch to do) – Caio.

Yeah Simp, why don’t you help him.:stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure your design would fit right in with that site. In fact you guys could be partners.:smiley:

Dunno about “partners” but I’ve redesigned much uglier sites and graphics.

If you PM me, give me your project scope, your objectives, what you’re lookin for, deadline and then I’ll quote you.


That intro is like a put a cat in a blender on full speed.

Lay off the vodka, Vodka :slight_smile:

ouch! that’s gonna hurt Chris Jones - he loves cats



Very NICE site :whistle:
Thank YOU

WHY ???
It helps me to deal with you guys…=)