Oh - my - god ! look at this!

I mean, that’s just the best combination of Flash website design and content (you’ll see what i mean :wink: ) i have seen in a long while.\rCheck out the pictures (don’t bother with the video…), they got a very nice transition to display them, if someone has any idea on how that was done…?\rEnuff words, go’n have a look:\rwww.federicafontana.it/index3.html\r\rand sorry for the girls, this is more for the boys out there…big boys!

wouldn’t have a clue how they did that with the pictures. Beautiful looking site!! I even think the backing track complimented it. Very groovy stuff and excellent sunday morning viewing :slight_smile:

I was wondering the exact same thing Eyez (and also how comment c’était possible d’être aussi bonne, nom de Dieu !!!). And after a week of intensive thoughts, I’m pretty sure it’s mask duplicates. The thing is : all pictures have the same size, so you can load all you pictures in the _root and play the same tween with masks again and again and again.\r\rAnd what do you mean, don’t look at the videos ??\r\rpom 0]

Dammit ! Pictures are not all the same size…\r\rpom 0]

Eyeze-\r I like the videos, as I am a phan of Bobby Vinton, being the oldy that I am, still humming along; Blue on Blue, heartache for heartache, blue on blue, la te la de da…\r\r Thats what my website Pivotal was supposed to look like, what was missing? Darn! Hate when that happens…Great Site!\r\rpj\r:p

Qu’est-ce qu’ils glandent au foot, les turcs?! nom de diou!\rmais c’est vrai qu’elle est trop bonne, j’ai changé de papier peint sur le pc… :wink:

Just when I think I have gotten over my misplaced and sinfull antipathy towards the phrench–Doh! Can anyone translate the insults I am assuming must be above? You know I have the option of making my EZ boards in phrench? \r\rpj\r

Hey Fil no need to become paranoid. We Phrenchies never insult other people in the back (except on a football field, and by the way, Eyez, I don’t know @#%$ Turcs are doing, they’re supposed to be good at this game… Oups, we are too…).\r\rBy the way, nobody seems to be giving a darn about my masking theory. Hum, I should have known. All you were interested in was that girl’s -beautiful by the way- eyez and lips and breasts and $$$ùù^^$ better stop here.\r\rpom 0]

sorry pom, but if you get sent home early I’m gonna rofl bigtime!!!\rYou see we are expected to go home early…\rWe’ll see :slight_smile:

You English can’t really brag with your ‘victory’ against Argentina :rollin: Well, at least you won…\r\rpom 0]

Of course we can brag! we never win anything Pom, so beating Argentina is like winning the cup itself.\rBelieve me the word on the street is like well at least we beat the argies.\rNotice how we set our standards so high, doh!\r\rOn another note Mr Lewis battered Mr tyson last night :lol: \r\rTwo wins for the UK in one week, it’s like an eclipse of the sun!

Oh he did ?? Tough guy that Lewis. I’ve seen a couple of his fights, and he’s darn impressive…\r\rAnyway, sing along with me : Go FRANCE ! Go FRANCE !!!\r\rpom 0]

Go Phrance! Go Phrance! Hey this isn’t as hard to say as I thought it would be. \rWorld Cup, World Smup. Who cares! Doh! Now it can be said, at least that the Europeans have beat the argies twice–once on the sheep fields of the Phalklands, and once in soccer, I assume it was. But at least your keeping them in their place! With the Argentine economy in a deep depression I have heard that they didn’t have enough leather for balls and had to use crumpled brown paper bags. But, hey, its not like Im trying to steal your thunder, no, really, Im not, nope, not at all.\r\rpj\r:p \rGod only knows what would have happened if those sheep were not freed by the Brits army. They would have come under dictatorial control and might even ended up as someones dinner. Heaven phorbid! Mutton anyone??