What can you do with Adobe Illustrator?

I’ve used Photoshop so far for everything related to graphics/webdesign. I know Illustrator is a “vector” image editor. What can you do with vectors that you can’t with raster?

imagine da vinci in the 21st century… he was drawing/painting the mona lisa on ps and realizes that one of her eye brows is crooked… he cant do anythign is ps… w/o requiring a lot of work but in illustrator/ other vector progs. he coulda just edited the path and it wouldnt be a problem at all…

■■■■ that was a stupid example… but thats the idea!

^ :lol: hahahahah “CTL-z”, “CTL-z!”, “oh no i ran out of history, ma masterpiece isa ruiennned”

I used to be a all-photoshop guy but nowadays I do mostly all of my stuff in illustrator.

#1: Logos
A logo should be able to scale to any format and should therefore be done in vectors. Photoshop really only have pseudo vectorabilities compared to Illustrator.

#2: Illustrations. I use illustrator to make most of my illustrations. Sometimes I’ll import it to Photoshop for finishing touches but mostly I start and end it in illustrator.

Examples of typical “Illustrator”-stuff which would be silly to do in PS instead of AI.

#3: Flash stuff.
Since Flash also uses vectors Illustrator is great for creating artwork for animations. An example can be seen here. The zooming animations in this site wouldn’t look as good with pixel graphics as it does with vectors.

That’s what I can think off right now. Once you get a taste for vectors you’ll never look back. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=fasterthanlight™;1983268]:lol: Photoshop is only for photo manipulation?? :lol:
Sure, maybe back in 1995 when thats all it could do, but ■■■■… what an inaccurate depiction nowadays

wrong, use Command-Option-Z to step your changes backwards,
or Command-Option-Y to step your changes forwards,

CTRL-Alt-Z & CTRL-ALT-Y for the windoze users out there[/QUOTE]

You’re saying the same thing. Ctrl Z is the same thing as stepping through the history pallete. What guiness was getting at is the fact that Illustrator is much more forgiving because you are not commiting changes to pixels but rather to vectors so you have more control over editing. For instance, if I make equal changes to a PS file and an AI file. Then save and close both files and then re-open them, history for both files is now gone. If I want to undo the changes made before saving, 9 times out of 10 it is going to be easier to do in AI because I have not commited those changes to pixels.


anyway, i use illustrator for templates too. although photoshop could also do that, illustrator is much easier to use.

That depends on what you are used to:)

Well, if you are any good at photoshop you probably don’t flatten your images before you save :lol: in which case changing something is easy as finding the correct layer and doing what you need to do :lol: :thumb:

what if you applied a filter or changed the pixels in a way that degraded them? It’s not about layers, its about easy manipulation. in general illusrator is far more forgiving than PS. that’s not always the case, but usually the case.

It depends on work flow. I use layer comps as well as history so sometimes it becomes a mess in PS to undo. But in general Illustrator is far more easier on the undo tip IMO.

Really 2 different workflows between the products. but its all in your work flow. I agree for the most part with everyone.

nuf said :pope:

When it comes to web design, Illustrator is better, no? If it doesn’t involve too many photographs (raster images), then Illustrator would be better since it’s easier to change things, right?

[QUOTE=MTsoul;1985364]When it comes to web design, Illustrator is better, no? If it doesn’t involve too many photographs (raster images), then Illustrator would be better since it’s easier to change things, right?[/QUOTE]

not necessarily, since a lot of web work is based on pixel-scales and pixel images, more easily handled with PS. I do some layouts on illustrator though, it also has a slice tool & save for web option

In all my years I have never designed anything for web in illustrator. Well until recently with the advent of smart objects. I may design icons and such. But have never did a layout in Illustrator. i would say Ill is not very web friendly. Fireworks pwns for web.