What do you think?


Any input on this site? Specifically-loading time,look and feel, navigation issues.

Well… First… the images of the logos in the upper right corner need to be clearer… They look jaged and unprofessional… Same with the box ad in the center of the page…

Those were just too annoying for me… Everything else looks fine so far… But I didn;'t get too far because of the jagged logos :slight_smile:

hmmm the images don’t appear to be jaged on my monitor…they could be brighter though…thanks buddhamarz

any other issues?

Yeh the images do look jagged, the blue text boxes don’t really suit the design I felt, I might be on my own but…apart from that the site lloks fine.

I love the server side work but the design is a little blah, try to spice it up a bit more, your tables colors are too dull and boring, but nice job

Yes, jagged and too large:-\