What does 'Flash Player 9 Update 3' mean for a developer

I was going through flash magazine article about latest flash player update and it says a lot of new features like [SIZE=2]H.264 and high-efficiency AAC support,[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Graphical rendering enhancements,[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Flash Player cache, [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Cross-platform parity etc.
How can a developer leverage the features specified in graphical rendering enhancements like support for multi core cpus? my understanding is that flash player would take care of running your actionscript code in one core while the rest of the cores may be used for graphical rendering without the developer being aware of it. But if windows task manager is to be believed there ain’t much a difference between the execution efficiency of a flash application running on a previous version of flash player and the latest update, which is Version 9,0,115,0.
I tested my flash application on the last stable flash player version [/SIZE]9.0.r45 and the current update which is [SIZE=2]version 9,0,115,0 on a dual core machine.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] Am i missing something?