What is the best Flash MX book available?

Hi there everyone

I just want to know, what is the best Flash MX book available out there? I am looking for something on the side of Actionscripting. I am a beginner, knowing how to do few lines of scripts. What book should I get, to gain more knowledge and better understanding in the art of Actionscripting?
Hope y’all can help me.
Thank You and have a good day…


One word story time.


Well, it’s pretty much one word. Seriously the O’Reilly books are the best I’ve read, and that goes for most applications. I started with their one for HTML and JavaScript, and then the Flash one and then ASP. They do require you to have some knowledge, but they’ll cover just about everything you’ll ever need.


can it b used for Flash MX?

Yes. The book deals especially with the new actionscripting features of MX.