What made all of you start in flash?

I was wondering what got everyone into the program we now know and love?


I got into it mostly because I’ve always been into animation in general. Once I encountered Flash I knew it was the program I had been waiting for all my life.

I was right. :slight_smile:

Mmmhh. Long time ago… I tried Flash 5 a couple of years ago, but got discouraged because I bought a cheap book where they didn’t even talk about Actionscript, and by Flashkit’s tutorials (I haven’t completed one so far :slight_smile: ).

I didn’t touch it for more than 1 year, and suddenly I felt dehydrated drooling in front of www.nrg.be, www.kimble.org and others. I went on google, looking for tutorials, found this site, made the first tutorial (pool of square, how could I ever forget it?), the second, then all of them. And now I make them :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

Hey Pom,
Kimble was one of my favorites. Did you know that Kimble is in jail or going to go to jail? I read a few months ago about him using his mad hacking skills to illegally transfer money. I saw it on bbc, and I think my hunch may be right. Too bad, I hate to see a flasher have to be locked up haha!

Kirupa :asian:

I just hated HTML, as a designer I find HTML so **** restricting…I especially hated how fonts were rendered…TERRIBLE, enough to make a grown man cry.

Funny thing though, I now use pxel fonts that look like html fonts…HAHHA…isn’t like strange.

Oh yeah I almost forgot…I also thought it was cool. Don’t you ever do things or buy things because they are cool…well in this case Flash turned out to be more than cool, unlike other things I bought.

I found some great sites made with flash and I just had to have the program. While searching for some tutorials on the net i found this place. Then I tried making that password If/Else thingy. So it worked.
Then a few days later I wanted to see if I still remember that If/Else thingy. Then I didn’t know that “=” assigns a value to a variable and “==” checks the value. I didn’t notice these back then. So it didn’t work.
Then I came back here and the more I cam to this place the more i started to like it :slight_smile:
Nice site that kimble guy has. I wish I had that sound if you roll over the flash movie buttons on the flash page … (the electricity) thats a cool one :slight_smile:

I just think flash is the perfect outlet for crative minds like myself…

together with photoshop… Og yearh… :stuck_out_tongue:

…he runs an internet security company, peter NRG made his site.


I started using Flash 5 in my Desktop Publishing/Animation class in High School. I didn’t get much chance to use it, because my assignment for the year was the COMPLETELY redesign the school website and keep it updated with all the latest news (yes, by myself, since I was the only one of her students that knew web-design). Unfortuneatly the people from the year before had absolutely no information, just a whole bunch of under construction pages, so I had nothing to work with.

The time I did get to use Flash I thought it was a great program and I would sneak on to it every now and then and mess around with it. I never created anything good enough to add to the schools site, but it was fun using it as an excuse for not doing my work!

I decided to save up for Flash, and by the time I got enough money to buy it, they released Flash MX, so I got that.

I know this isn’t relevant, but here’s the link to his arrest: http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/industry/01/22/schmitz.arrest.idg/index.html

Kirupa :bandit:

Hi all,
I started using Flash about 4 years ago with Flash 3. I didn’t like Flash 3 so I went back to using Microsoft’s LiquidMotion (may its soul rest in peace). With the ultimate demise of LiquidMotion, I decided to give Flash 4 a try. After a few months, I was hooked and started writing about it extensively. I removed all the Windows content that permeated the site (http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.kirupa.com) and went fully Flash-tutorial based. And now I am still learning Flash and all its cool features. Flash is like a giant open-ended role-playing-game, when you think you understood it all, you find out you actually know very little :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

That kimble site I am very sorry to say is something that I cannot take serious. If you enjoy this site and like the humor thats one thing. But I would never vote it SOTW. Its just silly, where is the graphic design merit, and as far as coding goes there is nothing interesting that no one here couldn’t do.

I personally don’t care for that type of stuff. I take graphic design far to serious.

Also I believe any site that gets SOTW should not be judged on Flash techiques alone.

Hey kirupa her eis a suggestion…how about I present an award on a weekly or perhaps monthly bases. This award woudl be a more serious type of award, based on originality, graphic design, flash as well yes if tehre is any, but more important judged on design etc etc…not getting into detail here, but I would like to draw more cool sites in, that focus on design…

Maybe you don’t think its a good idea, but I woudl volunteer my efforts. Of course you could always give the final yes or no, but I woudl suggest the ones I feel merit this NEW award.

I started using Flash because my friend made some pretty nifty animations in it and I figured I had nothing better to do. I learnt all I could in a period of about a week, enjoyed those skills for about a month, and then sort of stopped using it. Yay.


I know I don’t speak for Kirupa, but you’ve only posted 44 times. I don’t really think he’s going to let you have your own site of the week section.