How'd ya'll get into flash?

well its in the question, just something to spark off a super topic. MUAHAHAHA <img src= ALT=":">

well it was back in the days of Flash 4 wen i was looking thru the apps of a demo disk, when my friend said. o cool flash, thats really good for doing animations and stuff… so i installed it and here i am today… flashing away my hours you with you fine folk!

anyone else

A lot of folks think Flash is a cool web design tool, and that’s true, but it’s also a lot more than that. We do a lot of multimedia CDs, and Flash is a big part of the process, used by itself to make a CDrom, or used as cast members in Director.
It’s a shame it can’t pull Quicktime content from the library on CD to play within the interface… If I use GET URL, it always launches the Quicktime or RealPlayer content in the browser. So it launches the browser, and then plays the video content in it. And the, of course, there’s the whole issue of browser plug-ins. If it could actually embed or stream videos in itself (inside the interface), noone would need Director any more, lol…
Perhaps, Flash 6…

Hi all,
I started with computer animation around 1995/1996. I used a program called Microsoft Liquidmotion. It’s discontinued now, but that program was quite versatile in creating animations. Best of all, it outputted all the required information in DHTML and JavaScript…so no plug-ins were required.

I had used Flash 3 (30-day trial), and after the 30 days were up, I never cared much about animation. In case many of you don’t know, this site used to cover computer and Windows 98 information. You can view snippets of the old site from the following URL:*/htt…

I started back up with Flash in late 1998. Flash 4 was one of the best programs I have ever used. I was inspired by and [url=“”] v1. Since then I stopped updated my Windows site and began working in Flash almost exclusively. And 3 years later, here is everyone posting in the Flash 5 section (it really should be in Random lol) =)

i got my first computer ever inn December 99. I didnt know much about anything. Around April of 00 i decided to make a web page sincxe everyone seemed to have one. i didnt know what to do so i went to tripod and used front page to make the ugly monster that was my first site. I knew my site needed graphics so i asked my friend to help me look for something i could do graphics with. He said Flash, 3ds max and photoshop. I ididnt know what those programs did so i said ok give me them. i started with 3ds max and i was baffled that a program could be so complex…when i saw flash everything was nice…no confusing menus and it felt so natural to use. I started making animations with text rotating and over a year and a half later here i am.

for me, it started back when i was experimenting with the internet. i wanted to make html so the first product i ran across was dreamweaver. i was amazed at what you can do with DHTML (which is what dreamweaver creates). i was like, “wow! i can make this image move around”. back then i didn’t know about flash. when i visited macromedia’s site to check on an update i found flash. i was curious so i went to a site with flash. boy was i amazed. i downloaded the trial instead. 30 days later, i was fishing for $300-400 to buy it since i used up every single day on that trial. instead of buying it, my friend found this guy selling a CD on ebay with all the full macromedia stuff for $10. as spontaneous as he was, he bought it, then starting my furthered flash days.

then version 4 came around…then 5. bought 4, paid for upgrade to 5.
flasher forever!

well, since my friend made skate videos with many clips and motion thingys and more complex stuff, i thought i would do flash we both of us could rule the world. but that never happened. so i got flash from my friend and started animating pointless cartoons that were funny but pointless and stoopid.

people that visited my site liked them so i keep making them… that is my flash story… very intriguing isnt it…

Actually, my Flash started when I got an internship with a high-tech .COM. (Which was one of the best things I’ve ever done.) One of the guys at work told me that I should look into designing Flash, since I had tons of programming experience, but I also enjoyed working on the user interface portion of things. (Which got me into Visual Basic 6.0, but that’s a whole different topic.) Anyways, here I am today; a straight-up programmer who’s fluent in about 10 different computer-programming languages. Flash is just another one to tack on my list…

hmm… it started long ago in a galaxy far far away, that’s for sure.
age 8 I had a super 8 camera; produced 5 claymations of various lengths and themes.
age 14 played around with Disney’s animation studio; found animation software to be very lacking, but the onion skin feature was a clue of things to come.
age 17 finaly away from high school requirements I took all the art courses I could. Fell in with Mr Swartz, a fantastic bad ass teacher. For him I produced a cartoon, and two claymations all using super 8 tech.
From that point on I was just doing computer stuff, but my animations from the past never really prompted me to do anything, art was not a strong point of mine, and the tech sucked to do frame by frame animations.
1998 I met up with my fiance, and she introduced me to the wonderful world of web developement. Like her, I recognized an inherant problem with control over web elements.
1999 Created my first macromedia based project using Director to create an animation with musical score and picture viewer of my Paris trip. The end result was crude, but a start. Soon afterwards I encountered Flash 4.0, and found it more and less than what Director was, and easier to use. Within the year I was working for Laurie as a subcontractor on her web projects, and trouble shooter/teacher in flash.

The rest is history.

I started using it because I wanted exact control over my web elements, in a format which was universal to the various browsers…