What shoud new flash user do?

i’m a college student who is a new user for flash. im attracted by many flash website, they’re really cool.
so, i attempt to study flash by myself. i dont have any reference books and probably cant find any in my town.
is there possible for me to become flash expert by just studying example and tutorial from website?
or may be all the flash expert are also by self studying, i dont know.

You can become pretty good without a book. Good enough to build a decent website. But to become a really good Flasher, you gotta have some book, or a really good teacher.

At least that’s how it worked for me: I learnt the basics here, but I’ve learnt 100 amazing tricks I would never have thought of with just one book (Flash Math Creativity, I mention it because it’s simply frakin’ awesome).

pom :asian:

I’m no flash expert, but what I have learnt, is by:

Tutorials (go through them - not just modifying the flas - you can do that once you’ve learnt it)

Think about what you want to do logically and decide what actionscript you’d use to do it.

Play with Flash as much as you can.

And always know when you’re in over your head, ie. don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Find someone nice enough, that you can keep bugging. I’ll say one thing, people in this Forum are much, nicer, politer and more helpful than most others I’ve seen - esp. the mods - even when people posting are rude or expect 24/7 immediate service.

I suppose belonging to a community - like this forum - allows people to share experience and knowledge - some one once said that was one of the main reasons of the success of Flash, that people actually shared, fla’s and knowledge, unlike many other I.T./Internet related communities.

So I’m sure the ladies and gents here will help you along your way… Practice, practice and Pepsi…

… and aspirin.

And yeah, mods on this board rock! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why i joined this flash community, because ive never seen a good mix of decent people who know their stuff! Other places i’d seen have nearly 99.9% posts that say “RTFM” (read the manual).

Hey we should have a picnic. hehe =)

thanx guys!! for giving encourages. i’ve join quite a lot of other forum, and had post some problem i encounter. sometimes it really help, but most of the time no one will reply. may be for them, the question is not challenging enough, but im still a beginner.
anyway, hope this forum really can give me some idea when im stuck in flash. thanks!!

Newbies give other newbies help in here too… When I started in this forum, I had absolutetly NO idea how AS worked… but in about a month or so, My AS knowledge has vastly grown…

And I enjoy helping out the newbies just as the mods helped me out back then… the more time u spend here learning, the more u can actually help others too… I guess that’s why this forum rocks! :stuck_out_tongue:

God Bless the Kirupaforum! =)