What should i charge for this?

this is a site im working on for a friends friend


they gave me all the pictures, content and music

i had to do some picture retouchhing and editing, and i would still like to fix the audio player so it has a load bar.

but i would really like to get some opinions on what everyone thinks i should charge for something lilke this cuz i have no idea

thanks guys I luv this forum…i find its very helpful :thumb:

I dunno, I think web stuff is about $80-120 an hour from what I have heard for small projects. SInce you know them though (two degrees of seperation) that might make it a little lower. That’s how I would approach it.

Depends who set up the hosting, how long it took, etc. Looks good I like the wipe left transition you did. Good work.

$1,500 sounds about right to me.

$1500 would be $80/hr x about 20 hours. So yeah thats not too bad or far off.

great …so most people charge like $80/hour for work…regardless of flash? photoshop stuff?

hosting would be all additional charges?

thanks d100763

gladd u like it:)

dude, that is a $1,000 - $2,000 site. theres 4 of them apparently, so make them pay, thats the sickest flash site i’ve seen in awhile. think about it, $1,000 bucks. thats only $250 for each of them. i’m so sick of amatuer looking flash sites that take forever to load. thank you for breaking the cycle and not making my eyes hurt.

thanks redrum87 …much appreciated…so u think i should charge more?

Just curious…are u guys all talking US dollars…cuz im in canada

yeah, US dollars.

how much work are you getting? if not that many charge less to get more clients. for that site i would say $1200 to $1500 or less. How long did you actually take to do it.

hmm…it probably took me about 40 hours - to come up with the design, making adjustments to the photos and then the actual construction of the site

[color=black][font=Arial]I like your site too.[/font][/color]

[color=black][font=Arial]I wonder how the prices are in Canada. In North PA it’s really bad right now and $80-120/hr …just to dream about.[/font][/color]

Cant tell u how much you should charge but i will say it looks wonderful!! absolutely superb site!
Im curious though, how did you get all those images to load so fast and still look so good? wonderful stuff

thanks guys

for Worm - the pictures were all retouched and edited in photoshop - then I saved themm as jpegs - save for web - trying to keep the file as small as possible without wrecking the picture