What's the most random thing you've learned recently?

For me, it is this: Long term storage | NFSA

I have no idea how I stumbled onto here, but I now know a lot more about how to store film than I did a few moments ago, which was absolutely nothing.


The arborvitae known as Thuja ‘Green Giant’ is now likely the most popular hedging tree in the US, and has a rather mysterious history.

This tree supposedly first appeard at a denmark nursery in 1967 with no prior back story, and is thought to be standishii x plicata, a cross between a japanese arborvitae and a western arborvitae. However this tree does not reproduce, therefore the billions of trees now sold around the world are all clones steming from that one denmark plant.

You have likely seen these in your neighborhood if you live in plant hardiness zones 5-8.

Fast forward to the (80s or 90s ?) One day a nurserymen noticed a different sport in his thuja nursery. (Sport being a differing or mutated clone). This tree was grown out, cloned and is now sold as the american pillar arborvitae. It’s distinct difference is its narrow shape, while keeping most of the same characteristics of the normal green giant.

It seems to be widely accepted this tree is a standishii x plicata cross, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually crossing those trees or ever reproducing a seed of similar type cross.

Also kind of funny is that, discovered in 1967… This is arguably still a very young species. Nurseries used to market it as a 60ft tree, but people tend to shy away from the sale because that’s quite a monster to plant in your yard… So now they are sold as a “30 ft tree” but truly no one knows its max height. There are definitely some 35+ footers near me in a development that didn’t exist until the early 2000s. Given the right conditions and time i imagine 60ft is quite possible

9yr old trees:

Recently the most random thing I learnt is speed reading. It can come in handy when going over terms and conditions, getting through a book quickly for class, or just checking more novels off your to-read list. All of which are very effective.