Which camera should i get?

ok, so american express has this rewards policy thing where u rack up a sh*tload of points and get free stuff
i wanna get a digi camera and with my 72,000 points and i have these to choose from :

Canon Powershot 3.0 Megapixel Digi Camera
16MB CompactFlash Card (thats all the info they give)
(72,000 points)


Konica Digi Camera
4.13 Megapizel CCD, 16MB Flash Memory Card
(65,000 points)

now, is it just me or does the konica SEEM better? if it is, then why would it be less points…is it cuz Konica sucks?
which one should i get?
and o yea, what is CCD?

it’s real difficult to tell with limited info…

do they give you model numbers so you can do research?

just a thought :-\


no model #'s
i know, a little more info would be nice

you have to consider size, zoom options, effects, etc… having a flash memory card is nice cuz you can get large flash mem cards… but you need more info for sure!


Well there must be a reason the Canon Powershot is so much more points.

Not to mention Canon makes great cameras with what I have seen from them.

But yeah, more info would be much better.

As a general rule, Canon will cost more for the same camera as Konica… :nerd:

it’s kinda what the market will bear kinda thing :evil:

The Canon lens is prob better, may have an optical zoom, but then again, you never know… :cyclops:

Personally, I would go with Canon… just 'cause I know their optics, and general quality control… plus depending on what you are doing w/the camera, 3 Megapixels will prob work just fine…

Good luck,


I never tried Konica… but I have used both Canon Digital and regular cameras and like them both.

Don’t own either or, but have used them.

Don’t get me wrong, Konica is a good brand… Heck I use a Samsung =)

I’m sure either will be great, especially since it is psuedo-free :bandit:

In my years as a film photographer (not prof), I used Canon cameras quite a bit…I was always impressed with the quality of their optics…

You may not have wanted this much input, but hey you asked! :cyclops:


thx guys…think im leanin towards the canon
ill research a bit more…