which food require less time and effort to prepare?

When we are short of time and want a quick meal, you need to try this food recipe. I love to put every ingredients together and then cook it. I usually cook rice with every ingredients and allow it to cook for few minutes. In meantime, you can do the things like washing dishes or cleaning room. Did you ever try this one? If not, give it a go.

As spam posts go, I am intrigued :ghost:

Peanut butter toast , Activia yogurt , and a cup of coffee works for me .

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I know this is reviving some dead spam. But a few years ago I was pretty big into Soylent…


Were you hooked on the taste quickly, or did it take some getting used to?

I liked it right from the get-go.

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fruit salad ,fried rice , noodles ,sandwich.