Who can see "dead" people?

As mentioned in the previous thread about time travel someone kindly pointed out the fact that ghost sightings could be possible.

THere are a few types of people that can answer to this thread. THe complete skeptics that have no imagination. The people with religeous opinions, the people with spiritual beliefs and the people with scientific curiosity

I myself fall into two categories on this spiritual and science. I think that there are different plains of existance where the mind passes through after death. As for communication with the “others” there must be a way aside from the one-eyed lady with the essence of gypsy around her and her good ol’ board.

I believe in a life after death in another plain. Not the scary disgruntled sheets you see in cartoons.

Am i mental (possibly) am i physically fit (certainly not), but bear in mind crazy people often do the most noticable things. Give me your opinions on the dead and you can release those voices that tell you to “burn things” in a slow and controlled manner.