Who would have thought it possible


No no no…

Its not a Flaw… Its a Feature!!! Geeze you guys NEver get this right!

We all know Microsoft is infalible, they said so themselves!! (there is no verification that the previous statment was true)

. lol =)


Come on!!! Macs are just as Bad…
if they didnt have linux on themm…
and if they we’rent so stable…

and if it was turned off…



I got nothing.

=) lol

lol. [size=1]psst, its the darwin-unix kernal, not linux[/size]

Unix, linux, same DIfference lol =)

it has an U and an X so it means the same thing! lol =)

lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I am really shocked about this… :sigh: