Why did you killed me?


why am i dead?


why the gasmasks?

someone farted?

Besides, it’s “Why did you kill me” :sigh:

my english not good be is :smiley:

lol, what is this about ? :smiley:

lose your password?

I don’t know why you were banned, but your last thread was an adult oriented site?

That could be the reason for the banning, or not…

what did you do right before you stopped coming (you haven’t been around for a while, have you?)…


I haven’t seen you for a while either… I can’t recall why u should be banned… :-\

oh, banning, of course. What was I thinking? I should have known better :sure:

*kills fluid_tw0

*makes sure


Lenore is Dead.

will you “bring me to life” again please?