Why dont my flash buttons work?

I’ve been having some difficulty with opening my URL in the correct frame. I had a look at the guide on this site about opening URL’s in specific frames when a button is presses, and it looks as if im doing the correct thing.
After i have created the button, I add a get URL action to the button. I type in the file name in the name of the file i want to open in URL section. This is not the problem, as the file does open when I open it in a blank window. However, when i input the name of the frame on my site i want it to open in, nothing happens. The frame i aminputing should be the correct name, as i am copying it directly from the HTML code. Could please tell me what i am doing wrong, and how i can get my URL to open in the correct frame on my site.
Thank you

This should work.

on (release) {
getURL (“your_url.html”, “name_of_frame”);


Try using the basic actions,
start with double clicking ‘tell target’,
you should then have a message appear in the actions window which reads, ‘on (release)
tell target’,
now double click on ‘go to’,
your actions panel window should now read
‘on (release)
tell target’
go to and play’,
now simply select what scene you want the button to jump to from the ‘scene’ dropdown menu on the actions panel ,
to keep things simple try selecting ‘frame number’ from the ‘type’ dropdown,
now in the ‘frame’ dropdown type in the frame number you want the button to jump to.
Make sure the box which says ‘go to and play’ at the bottom of the actions panel is ticked.