Why you should never wait on anything

Waiting is bad. It’s really bad.
So I asked for Friday off, cause I wanted to go see Modest Mouse in chico. My friends said they would go and then decided the 18 dollars was too much, so I hesitated and tried to find someone else. I did find someone, but then on Sunday all tickets are nowhere to be found. I can only find tix for SF, and that’s way too far and not worth it. Now I have Fri off, which IS kinda nice, but I wish I were going to this concert. I never get to go to concerts!
And then last night, I see the girl I wanna ask out and I hesitate, and I don’t do anything. Never wait on anything. Every perfect moment must be obtained immediatly. Perfection is difficult to attain.

sorry to hear that
it happened to me before, i think patience can be a good depending on the situation!
one thing i gotta tell u, never…never take a day off from work unless you are 100% sure your doing something that day and with 100% reliable people, and don’t wait untill the last minute :wink:

haha that’s a good point. But I needed the sat afterward off too, so it doesn’t matter much, just now means instead of working all weekend, I work all week…
thing that bothers me most now is…
I wanted last week to ask this chick to see Anchoman with me, but she was going with some friends. Her friends dropped out on her, I found out last night. I should have used my OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT and asked her; I didn’t even get her number; I jsut am so bad at thinking of things like that. She came in to work… ugh I’m gonna go write this i my blog haha. Nah nevermind. Uh, but agreed some things take patience, but I say screw it, those things probbably suck anyway. From now on it’s spontanaiety all the way, baby!

ARG… I hate those moments… the moment you could of asked for it… then just at the alst moment you hesitate then your to late… Arg… I’m going razy there was this moment with my GF and my prom night… Probally the most important moment in my life till now. and I didn’t ask here still the day it actually was… she said yes but I had to go to great lenghts to get a ticket… lucky I knew 1 of the people that where orgonizing it. So few there… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah I hate those moment… great learning experiance though… I really think i got over my hesitations.

Actually… well I don’t know it was odd. See she came into my work on Mon and, I was NOT expecting it. We talked and stuff and I thought all that went well, and then she leaves and my friends that were in the store come up and are so did you get her number? and I was like, no it never even crossed my mind… she makes me kinda, loopy… I don’t know, it’s hard to think five seconds ahead around her haha.