Worn Effect in photoshop

howdo, ive just been on this website: http://piroskato.logsol.hu/

Does anyone know how i can achieve the “worn” effect like the one from the link above???


search the forums for grunge brushes for photoshop.

will do, thanx

I have a tutorial on kirupa.com on how to create your own if you can’t find any to download ;).

I’m not trying to self-promote/spam myself but what the heck :P.


I might soon be making a grunge brush set of 10 brushes for people to download and I’ll add it to the tutorial.

it is really just masking. If you want to get real fancy use an alpha channel as the mask then apply some edge filters to it to get the burnt looks around the edge. SOmeone else asked me this also I was thinking on doing a tut for this too.

Yea I was going to add that with my grunge tutorial on how to get a really good worn out edges look but I thought it would be too much for one tutorial.

Since I already made a grunge tutorial for photoshop, it would be really cool if we had a using the grunge brushes for worn edges tutorial :thumb:.

I’ll be waiting to see it DDD :).

cheers guys… get those tutorials up!!
And those brushes!!

Dead link Reefster?

That’s because Kirupa just recently changed it from photoshop to motion graphics.


:smiley: I just found it before you posted.

Yeah definetly follow Sharif’s tut, it’s great

now the first link is broken :(, I wanna see! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to www.kirupa.com and on bottom, it’s there.

I meant http://piroskato.logsol.hu/