Worst Sites Ever

Ok not to be rude to these people but I just couldn’t stop laughing when I went to this site.


That isn’t the worst, I have seen a couple that offer web design for 12.99, the bg’s flash pink red green and blue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone have another worst site ever?

I give this site the WSOTF. lol

Ok here is the best rip I have ever seen of Pixel Ranger.com


Here is the best site ever ripped of 2A’s first layout:


oh my god man how did you find them???

shall we spam the webmaster?

And btw, I eat babies… :thumb:

There are sooo many people who do these rips. :frowning:

It’s just sad how they mooch off another and cannot think creative themselves.

here is what you do

you kindly tell them that they have ripped a site that they did not make and be nice about it

i dont see how useing bad words and setting there e-mail address to a ****o mailing list.

maybe if u r nice about it they well take it off.

hmm :frowning:

not convinced. If they have to rip other sites and not even make them look any different then they probably aren’t too creative. If they work for companies whose core activity is not web based then they can easily wow oth their audience and complete their jobs. If they have to take down the sites and rebuild how would they answer the questions regarding taking down a perfectly good site to their peers.

i dont get it… those sites look really nice…

They do, but there rip offs. I never saw 2A’s site until recently but this http://www.aelaron.com/blueindexflash.php is an almost exact copy of http://www.pixelranger.com

The sites look good yeah, but there copies of someone elses work. Worst Site Ever!

Well, here is the winner I guess, http://www.foodservice.pl - winner it is!


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^ Tell me that’s not you. :pope:

OMG Guys I found it. The web design company I was talking about:

Click the design tips it was cracking me up.

it’s over the bandwith limit

webtekrocks is fake dood

lmao, wow, at least they’re not over charging too much

hahahaha @ Yeldarb but for what? I wouldn’t give those layouts out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I could make a better site half asleep.


i think i HAVE made better sites in my sleep!!!