So how does one turn “would not have” into a contraction? wouldn’tve? wouldn’t’ve? wouldnt’ve? im lost here, help me out.

aak! this has been annoying me forever!

I like the way in the title, wouldn’t’ve

maybe just wouldnt’a ?

hm… that sounds like a cheap method, and you still don’t have a apostraphe between n and t, your way should be “wouldn’t’a” :stuck_out_tongue:

The apostrophe means that something has been left out. The full version is wouldnothave. And so the shortened version is wouldn’t’ve.

but you can’t have two apostraphe’s can you?

The title is correct here is the rule that makes it corrects for anyone who wants to know.

“Double contractions, while allowed in common speech, are disallowed in writing.
Example: Wouldn’t’ve. The correct form of this is either “would not have” or “wouldn’t have.” “Would not’ve” is also not allowed.”

Hope I helped

you helped but you remove the fun :frowning:

it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue: :), it’s still fun to talk like “common speech”!

lol sorry to ruin the fun bombingpixels :frowning:

it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue: I still am having fun :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very simple: Don’t use it, or try to.
Wouldn’t have works fine.

Wouldn’t’ve just looks awkward.

I like to just go with w’’'e

I like ethan’s way most, I’ll try that out a couple of times, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

On a slightly related subject, last night while inebriated I noted that my mates new t-shirt bore the slogan " hav’in a bad day " I suggested it would be appropriate to burn the monstrosity, which was met with general agreement. So we took it off his back wrapped it round a big stick, doused it with lighter fuel and made a paganistic sacrifice to the gods of grammar.

haha, thats… pretty weird
oh and thanks vdam for clearing that up

At times like this I simply make up a new word. How about Wudjntve?

lol good idea :smiley: looks like proper grammar to me


Sorry, there is no variation of “would not have” in street.

Americans from the deep South seem to have a great understanding of this sort of linguistic nuance.

For example, “you” and “all” would be y’all. And the plural of “y’all” would be “all y’all”.

y’all know, the only time’s I’ve used y’all is in latin :stuck_out_tongue: