WOW - World Of Warcraft Beta Testing

Did any of you guys manage to get on the list? Just curious. All of my friends and I signed up but none of us got picked which is totally weird ans has never happend before. They still have a second batch though, so maybe we’ll get picked. I dunno, I just entered this contest on penny arcade to maybe get an invite. I’m curious about it, I’ve heard good things and bad things. :slight_smile:

i wish it was on shelfs now. lol…

Is it gonna be one of those Pay by the Month things? Cuz thatd blow.

yes it is. im still gunna get it though

My friend dak is syaing how blizzard will fail to make a MMORPG but i know they wont and that WoW is gunna Kick *****.

My friend dak is syaing how blizzard will fail to make a MMORPG but i know they wont and that WoW is gunna Kick *****.

Agreed. Blizzard hasn’t failed on a SINGLE GAME yet. Even the old stuff (Blackthorne, Rock n Roll Racing, Lost Vikings, etc) was genre killers. Blizzard is going to take the cake on this one.

Blizzard is also the company with least bugs in their products, even it means that fans will have to wait a couple of extra-months for their games.

ya they do hold out on releases of their games but once there out there amazing!!

Blizzard belive in Quality over Quantity thats what i think.

(you sure that no blizzard game had bugs? what about the Crypt Fiends, spiders, and Anub’arak in WCIII? :beam:)

the storyline runs in flow with WCIII with 2 leagues of undead ran by both Silvanas and Arthas/Lich King. by what i heard you only play for Silvanas, I wonder what they gonna do with the Frozen thone? :rabbit:

In WoW you can be teh undeads scorge or part of the Human alliance. for the people buying the game what are you guys gunna be do you think??? Im definitly going human alliance and being Night elf mage or a human warrior.

I’m more into playing “the bad guys” so if I get it I’ll probably be on the undead team :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m playing a Troll Shaman right now and I believe I might continue playing it when it comes out. I’ll probably something else on the alliance side too, but I haven’t quite decided what.

ya being the bad guy is fun too. :beam:

@wanyo you have a beta account?? awesome.

I agree with Circa, I think Ill be a human warrior or night elf mage. They both look awesome but I cant choose. What do you think circa?

ooo man idk. like i wanna be a warrior and have some melee battles but i think after a while melee gets kinda boring so i would also want a night elf mage, cuz i canhave plenty of diffrent types of attack not just all the same swinging of a weapon. so id proably have a mage more. but i hope you can have a couple of chars on each acct. you proably will be able to so im not worring.

I don’t have a beta account, but I had use of one for a week.
Moth melee and casting are both fun and exiting. Melee classes have a variety of different moves you can and need to use so it won’t get boring just doing one thing.

Pahlease…WOW has nothing on EQ or EQ2…

What did he say they were? Fast? Slow?
(I need tips on lying for this kinda stuff)

Slow, but not under the minimum specs and throw in some weird graphics card that no-one else has :slight_smile:

Beta Testing to me is something I would love to do this game or not.

Only because I check Every Spot on the map I would run into every wall do whatever i could to see if there was any problems.

I never heard od Wow in my life can people give me some specs on it like when it started how to get into beta testing list and all the stuff.