Just want some suggestions, comments, or any feedback on my site.

umm…where to begin

1)the gradients-lose them
2)the welcome screen-wats with all the reflections?
3)the blue background for the text is horrible
4)the whole site needs a better color scheme
5)theres no point of the scroll bar in the ‘news/updates’ section.
6)why do you have ADW twice? [one in the banner, one right below it.]
7)your audio is way to short, get longer audio, and somthing better than a drum solo.
8)traditionally ABOUT is the second item in the menu, not last.
9)in services, the sub-menu should not dissapear.

Do you know if this bus goes to Showcase & Critique?

Also try adding a hyperlink to your posts it makes it easier for us to check your site.

yeah…ethanm’s right.

spacing for the text?, way too close to the edges.

Graphics design? The spinny loady thing is bad quality and a little tacky. Your 3d work looks kinda cool… what with the rooms and that. I suggest you scrap all the crazy gradients, bulky buttons, text and boxes, and base everything in the 3d environment.

Hey everyone thanks for the feedback and I’ll take all thoughts into consideration. However, I just need someone to explain the issue with the gradient, I don’t really see what’s wrong with it. As far as the loader graphic, it only does that when its rotating, is there a way to fix that? Let me know!

totally remove the gradient, it doesnt look good at all.

"Do you know if this bus goes to Showcase & Critique?"
oh man I almost died laughing Ethan…

as far as comments and critiques - i pretty much agree with what has been said -
i will add however that you need a softer feel, when i come to the site I see spinning this and that, flying bars, photoshop bevel effects, and harsh square content panes…might want to work on refining edges, rounding this and that out - and laying off the photoshop filters…as in make the effect less noticeable.

I would make the gradient a solid color. It doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the site.

Also, as far as each section, I would keep them uniform. What are the 3D pictures supposed to be of anyway? It’s a good idea, but I don’t like the way things are written more than once. I think there’s too much show for what little content you have there right now, it’s overbearing.

Text under your “services” section is a hard to read.

The Aroun Da Way Media text needs work. It’s a little too filled in with that 3D you have going on.

what were trying to tell you is, the site is approaching the status of geocities-worthy.

:lol: @ ruki_

I’d seriously consider taking some design classes, or study some books. Not knocking your site, its well built, it just doesn’t convey great design. Savvy? :pirate:
Do some research on color combinations also.

It seems everyone with photoshop and flash, suddenly become c.e.o’s of a company. And did you really get a copyright on the site?

The flash skills are there, the design skills could use a TEENY (read: not-so-teeny) bit of work.

Here are some suggested links:

I would suggest taking your fonts (all of them) down about 2-4pts, dropping the gradients (or making them MUCH more subtle), and switching from the eye-searing blue to something a bit softer and more inviting.

Good links, newhopekenny. Amidst all of these other suggestions I would suggest you optimize this beast. Loading the sections other than main took waaaaaaay too long.

I’d like to thank everyone for their suggestions and comments as this is also a good way to learn. I would like to say that I do understand web/graphic design concepts, however I wasn’t really concerned with all the rules and I wanted to make something of my own. I don’t agree with everything considering others that I have shown the site to had no problems with it, however I appreciate the honesty and some of these suggestions will be considered in future versions. One last thing for thumbs of fury, what speed were you viewing the site at? Thanks again everyone.

I don’t about the other people you’ve shown your site to, but these are all either professional flashers, entry-level flashers, or hobbyists with an intense amount of talent. I’d pay close attention to what these people have said. :x


if you want an effective, flowing, well designed website, you really should listen to what we are saying…the comments might sound harsh sometimes, but it is for your own good.C:-)

Oh the comments don’t bother me and they are actually helpful. I’m even more motivated to work things out with my site. With all your comments and some new ideas I came up with along the way, I’m looking into tweaking the current site or maybe a complete rebuild from scratch. Don’t feel as if any of your comments are being ignored though.

That’s the spirit!

One last thing for thumbs of fury, what speed were you viewing the site at?

I’m on DSL, it averages about 150k/second on most sites, at least for downloads. Anyway I just tried the site again and it loaded fine (5 seconds or so, maybe less, for ‘services’). Maybe your webhost was just getting hammered the last time I tried or something. Anyone else have trouble?