It still is a WIP, but it’s coming along nicely. Any comments and suggestions would be great, there’s always room for improvement right?

And I know, the Holiday images need to be updated, but that’s what happens when you’re in need of a graphic designer.

BTW, does anyone know why on the “Community” drop down on the top nav bar, the word Community looks so funny compared to the rest? I have the file if anyone wants to try and fix it up.


prety nice site

the background is really really bad though. As the site was loading it was a solid grey background and I was like this is a nice site, but then all of a sudden your background poped up and I was like ugh

I really like the rest of the site and how you chose to display the content, looks great.

I like the top nav bar. Looks goods, but i don’t think that the rollover effect really matches it. It seems like the colors are just flipped, which would make it look like it was beveled in instead of out, but then there is also a slight up bevel on it as well which makes it look kinda weird Just my opion. But i like the drop down part.

All in all I think the site looks great

THat’s amazing i really love the photoshop, I would change the background it’s really irritating on 1600*1200. I see a new IGN. But better because it doesn’t have the irritating fileplanet banners on every singel page.

I have to say that your site is in one woord amazing. Great combination between php, javascript JPG’s It’s really nicly done.

I think you posted this site before. Way back.

Thanks for the props guys, its another wonderful creation of Bleutuna. And we’ve of course coded the whole thing, but his graphics are awesome.

About the background, when he first showed it to me, I hated it, but it really just takes some getting used to and then its easy on the eyes, and lets you focus on the content of the site, rather than anything else.

That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say that, and I really appreciate it…we really want to be the new IGN, and it really is encouraging to hear that from someone else.

I don’t believe I posted this before, but if I did it was a LONG time ago, and much has changed so it deserves another look.

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.