Yahoo Gamers

Howmany of you play games at yahoo?
just curious as i am regular at yahoo pool…i think it’s awesome way to kill time.

Yahoo … never even touched it.

why? try games section and sply pool if u like playing i.e.

here u go

Hey, if you like that pool game, then check this out:


I used to play Yahoo Pool until I got sick of the glitches that kept on occuring.

Yahoo Pool!!! Yea i rock at that. check my stats theochr. 0 losses. 124 wins :slight_smile: I rockOrs.

now I read this it reflecs on my self that i have absolutly no life :stuck_out_tongue:

well that’s a rocking record m8 :thumb:
i talk a lot while playing so maybe thats the reason i lose few…i am rated 1340 atm, whats your rating?

only played that bowling game, but i never was on it, my friend kept asking me to go on jippi so i stayed there but not anymore, cant be bothered hehe.