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That’s not for me my friend :frowning:

Well its not for everyone but if you like it then its the place for you :slight_smile:

very good point :wink: have you downloaded it or do you own it or something?

I own it :wink:

I thought you may :wink:

:wink: well i hope you all like it

LOSE 90,000$ on slots. This is garbage, don’t belong here. Belongs in the section Random Deletion.

ba bye-

rofl fil :slight_smile:

Technicaly it belongs in the section, “check it out” below, but I would say that the members of this board have already set a precident for leaving things in this section.

lighten up phil :wink:

If the guy wants to have a conversation about his site, then it’s not spam. He’s obviously interested in posting more than once here. And as a game designer it fits in perfectly with Flash. I have been working on concepts for a universal deck of cards to be used in any number of gambling games. Personaly I think Slots is a little too easy to do online… but I really don’t know what goes into building something like that? Aren’t you interested?

Dave I reckon he didn’t really want to have a conversation about his site by the way he started the thread.
Surely he was spamming?

oh yes… if that’s all he posted, or if this thread is all he ever posts in here, I’d say yes it’s spam. It should be deleted, or let fall into the chasm of old posts we have…

but to not give a person the benefit of the doubt, is to MAKE it spam giving the author no choice but to leave without posting again.

If Kirupa wants to delete it he can, but personaly I have no problem with it. Hopefuly he will listen to my thoughts on the matter.

I’ve found on the web that there is little reason if ever to delete something. What on earth is offensive about this post? Why would it need to be deleted. Does anything ever remain at the top of the first page for very long? Only that which is interesting. I personaly find it interesting that anyone would consider deleting spam at all. There is no such thing as a precident which cannot be changed by creating a new forum rule and then exercizing our right to supress information. Again, IF that becomes a problem. Any time we do so when it is not a problem, sets a dangerous precident for censorship and supression of information. Information, being our stock and trade, should be limited as little as possible.


Dave I see what you’re saying and I didn’t find the post offensive at all. I can just see Phil’s point too regarding people filling up the forums with their very own business adds

Worst case scenario would be some kid seeking flash help and he/she reads the post and then decides to use his /hers fathers or mothers credit card (just for a bit of fun :slight_smile: )

It’s a long shot I know but I think it might be a good thing for something to be laid down in the rule book. Along with ****o or racism links/comments. Lets face it the site gets bigger and bigger all the time and there must be a huge amount of adolescent viewers tuning in. On a none Flash level it would be nice to know you’d done everything you possibley could have to protect them, maybe.

End of babble :slight_smile:
PS on a football note USA, USA, USA!!

USA? They even HAVE a football team? Mind blowing!

Not that we Canadians should talk, but… Shut up.

Live, I’m from the UK, I just had to big up the US team as none of their country men really follow their progress.
Give it a few more years and they’ll win the world cup. Like in the olympics they do so well. I think if you have such a huge population then you obviously have more of a choice of sports person …
Anyways gotta goto bed now.

Hey Davey-
I pheel pretty ganged up on now. I thought that post deserved the deletion of the week award, if we let him do it then everyone else will do it too and he will also come back, right? So I write a post, with all the good intentions that my darkened heart of sin could muster, and what do I find? THAT MY POST ASKING THAT HIS POST BE DELETED WAS DELETED!! WASSUP WITH THAT? Talk about facisim. Hmmmmm. This is patently unphair— :x

Your a pretty phunny guy Dave. You crack me up, even though I feel ganged upon. sniffle But this odd scales of justice is making me ponder now the meaning of life. :rollin:

BTW- Phootball sucks!

Hey… I didn’t delete it. Sorry that that happened. I wouldnt say that your post should be deleted either… but I guess one of us did.

Don’t take my words as anything but playful poking of fun at you. I know what your intentions were and I think that it is quite noble to attempt to have some semblance of decorum around here with regards to the posts.

I’ll see if I can come up with something for the rule list. I will say this though… if I make a rule about where posts should go, and which are appropriate, I will not discriminate. Any posts that apear in the random or Flash 5.0 forum that actually belong in site check, or testing forum, will be moved there without explination. This has to apply to everyone, INCLUDING ourselves, or it can’t be enforcable at all… or at the very least I wont enforce it.

Yeah Phil,
Whatever happened to your post? I too am curious. You wouldn’t delete it yourself and try to make us look bad now would you? (plays xfiles.mid)


Hey Dave,
I didn’t think anything was up with ya. I thought it was pretty phunny. But I personally would rather it stay the same as it is now. Nobody goes to those other rooms, at least not all, and not very often. I think someone just was having some phun at my expense or yours * (a frameup, someone making IT LOOK like it was you, as that would be everyones guess)*

But I have a sneaking suspicion you were phramed. :evil: Just have that gut pheeling. And I wasn’t in the least offended, I know it is a sign of filial love when people pheel phree enough to poke phun at me, or others in jest. My skin is not as thin as you might think. I enjoy it! It is phar better than being ignored. :x And I can tell when someone is being malicious or not. But that disappearing post made me crack up, more than you know. A phorm of poetic justice perphormed phor all to see.

I’ll try to phollow your quitessential lead, but make sure you keep piping and also to not run out of pies. Doh! I’ll lighten up if you promise not to enphorce those facist policies. Let freedom ring, and liberty be our guide. Doh! :wink:

Mau? Hmmmmmm. Lemme check my charachter and get back with ya. You know that I can’t delete my own posts as I have always asked Davey or Pommy to rid my spam off the boards whenever it appears. Righteous person that I am, and selfless in self judgement…Yea, though I walk through the Valley of Deletion I shall fear no evil, for thou, O kirupa, are are my Mod and my Admin, and a light unto my pheet when I need help. Live phorever O King Kirupa! Live phorever!

pheeling as though I am one of Kirupas children;

  • Blessed are they who post no spam, for theirs is the Kingdom of Kirupa, a temporal Kingdom whose dominion is from the temporal to the temporal and from neverlasting to neverlasting*

Im sorry if I offended you it’s just I made the new site and I wanted to get your thoughts on it and if it offends some people then please delete it otherwise can I have your thoughts please?