YO! Critique this poster eh?

That looks nice :slight_smile:

How big is the full res version? (MB wise)

Is that a custom font? It looks awesome.

that’s awesome, can I see the full res one?

Ouch! 980MB.

Such a shame, about a month ago I deleted a whole crap load of work I did and today I was searching like a mofo for some of it. It seems like everyday I’m deleting more and more stuff. thinks…I’ve got serious computer problems lol

ROFL. Bombing. So young. shakes head :hugegrin:

No you can’t see the full resolution one because that little F actually takes up the entire screen. This was done at 300dpi. When you create stuff for print you have to up the dots per inch to get that flashy car brochure quality.

Wow, that must be a B*tch to edit/save/open!

My parents picked me up an external hard drive a while back for like 80 bucks at Sams Club. It works perfect, and has 120 GB of storage. Might be something you’d want to look into :wink: (Newegg and TigerDirect have good prices as well)

nice work dude:thumb: very movie like promotion. i got a idea you could also have in the background a group of pins in a larger than life pose (like if you were to take a photo from below the object looking up) as black silouettes. Might not work for this project but maybe for other promotional stuff.

anways nice job mate :slight_smile:

Actually opening is okay but saving takes a lot of time and don’t even think about using Render/ Lighting Effects or you’ll be sitting there for hours. My poor p4 grunts and groans like a sonofgun. lol

Thanks Soulty. What’s this idea? Please elaborate. I have some high speed equipment but my camera won’t take pictures that big.

As much as I hate working on print stuff I love the finished product. sigh I have two more posters I’ll be doing for these guys this week so the sooner I get them done the sooner I’ll get to see whether or not I did I good job. :d:

Yelly I’m definitely going to do that. I will never take my desktop out of the house so how does this external HD work. Do I just plug it in and voila?

Yep, you take it out of the box, plug in the power cord, plug in the USB cord, listen for the Windows XP Bonging noise and poof, you have a second, or third, or fourth (and so on) hard disk :slight_smile:

cg you know when you portray a ghost or a scary image like its larger than life and is looking down from a high area, the perspective im thinking of is when you take a photo of a object from the base looking up to its top, it gives it a larger than life kinda look, you know what i mean? what i was thinking of was give the pins that look with the same style you gave the text but as a black silouette.

like the attack of the pins kinda theme.

OOOOO. I gottcha soulty! < insert winky > I think that’s a great idea and I’ll definitely play around with it before I send it off.


Btw bowling is such a boring industry to design for. I mean really. Between bowling and real estate I think real estate has an edge. :evil2: :evil2: :evil2:

no probs, post what you come up with. :wink:

CG… Real Estate… oh I’m so glad someone else knows my pain…

I really like this poster. The only thing I don’t think is perfect is the text at the bottom. It seems sort of plain. Sort of like the step-child that has to stay inside the car while the real kids get to go bowl and eat 99cent hotdogs.

Maybe you could do that lettering like a movie poster. Alternating font sizes and such.
P.S. I think you’ve grown too cool for Canada. Time to move south.

cg - great work - maybe move the text up a little and make the logo bigger? seems to be some extra space at the top -

speaking of top…

top notch work.

Thanks Ethan. Yea the font is plain. This sucker is officially done now though 'cause I sent it off before I checked in here.

Btw Ethan you can never be too cool for igloos and eskimos.:pleased:

lol PR I’ve been waiting for someone to point that out. It was a real pain just to move the text up half an inch and I was tired. It’s funny how design balance works because originally when I didn’t have 99 cents at the top it looked fine.

Looks good CG, I’m feelin it GJ. I like the difuse glow, works real well w/ that image. Only problem I have is all those lines in the text, I see what you were tryin to do but I think it would be stronger if they weren’t there, IMO. Very nice though.

I should start putting my critique stuff in here in D&D LoL, it’s like pulling teeth to get a critique in S&C.

lol. Simplistik I always thought that S&C was for websites. Your work is awesome from what I’ve seen. If you’re hard up for a critique go ahead and pm me when you start a thread.

As for the lines. lol. Definitely not my best scratch effect.

yeah i think we scare the people in showcase - things are at like 105 views with 11 comments…

maybe it’s because our work leaves them



99cents? 5 dollars?

already mentioned :P, read above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey bombing I replaced the old picture ^^^^ seeing as they liked it so much they wanted me to make it a flyer as well. You can see the noise effect way better on this one.

ooh, that’s cool, I like how you have it throughout the flyer/poster rather than just the text, it certainly makes it cooler…

this certainly is top notch :slight_smile: