Young Enterprise Company Site

Hey all, this is a website I made fairly briefly (took about 2-3 days of casual work), as a favour to a few mates of mine who have made the national finals in a competition for young businesses. It’s fairly light, didn’t really have time to make it too flashy, but I would appreciate any comments anyone has.

Also, I’d like to say that I learnt how to do everything I know on kirupa, so thanks for this great community :wink:

its a nice site, concise, and loads quickly… simple and easy to navigate… i like the spinning letter G. . nice touch…

The picture browser on the left is cool, but i’d work on getting the SWF file to display at a constant size, as it would help keep the images from appearing pixelated on larger screens…

good job

Whoa! I don’t know what the heck happened but its screwed up when using firefox. Look for yourself.

Eek, I agree with CanadianGuy, when using Firefox it gets sooo teeeny. Its not readable. Perhaps when its fixed we can give a real critique.

Hey, thanks for informing me, I had no idea it didn’t work on firefox, I tried it on netscape and internet explorer, which I figured was the main audience. I will check it out, thanks :slight_smile:

Looks good in IE, but fix the FF issue.

doesnt load in netscape

Doesn’t Netscape/Mozilla/FF use the same engine?

NS 7.1 - tiny and not viewable.

Strange: it worked in netscape for me not long before it was finally published, so unless I did something pretty drastic :S oh well…too many new projects to go back and fix that, although I will definitely start testing my files in all browsers.

mad in mozilla too!