Your computer/workspace

Thought it would be fun to see what everyone’s workplace / computer station looks like. Sort of like the desktop thread.

Anyways, heres my setup. Yeah I know, it’s really messy. I’m gonna clean it up tomarrow.


Screen to the left is always on my work computer, screen on the right on my personal. The middlescreen I switch over to whatever computer I am using primaraly. NVIDIA profiles are really great to quickly just switch between screen settings.


I just got this case yesterday, it’s really awesome. Theres three of those big fans that you can see lying on the sidepanel. One in the front cooling the HDDs and one at the top. Whats great about it is that since they’re so big they can run at low RPM and so they don’t make a lot of noice. The CPU fan is adjustable. I think you can see the wire to the controller going out back. You can’t tell from the picture but all the wires are almost flush against the back. Theres these holes which you can put them in to lead them to different locations. Theres even a map over it.

The last picture, It’s a rubber pad that you can take of, and theres a little hole beneath it, the size of the ring on the pad. Anyone got a clue what it’s for?


My old computer. Very trashy, extremly tight.