Youth festival website: FEST 06

Website for a norwegian youth festival. It’s very basic (no advanced coding whatsoever), so please just critique the design/idea.

I actually did the whole visual profile for Fest 06, it’ill be in my portfolio when I get the time do update it.


it’s pretty cool… I just think it needs a more subtle background.

OMG get rid of that annoying BG first - let’s talk other things later

yeah get rid of that background!, every thing else is great!

yeah sites ok but agree with everyone else, the backgrounds gotta change

maybe a gradient or a subtler pic perhaps

haha. you guys didn’t think for one second that maybe the background is kinda important since the site is all "poster on wall"ish? :luigi:

fade the background a bit then. its too strong, it overpowers everything else.or make it less tiles.

The background isn’t too bad IMO, but you could fix the slight line where it tiles. I think the site would be pretty awesome if it was built entirely in flash and you pan across the wall going to each section…that would look quite cool.

Otherwise it kinda works, as a HTML page it might be nice if it was centralised?

bg blá!
remake it! the rest is prety cool

You can have a poster on the wall-ish feeling without a brick wall you know.
Also i’d look into doing something about the scrollbar.

The guestbook should in some way be connected with the rest of the layout

Closes eyes** Please change the background and re-post … it could be a lot better without that tiled brick stuff … other than that I don’t know I couldn’t stay on the site long enough to go through everything…

:evil2: jeee. cheers. goodnight!

I think the background is ok, but you should use red brick, that would fit in better.

just use like driwall or something for the bg, something with some random specs of **** and dirt