You've seen parts now its done! check please

down to the final critique for this site… you might have seen pieces of it up here before but aside from sound fx… it is pretty much done unless you all fond something serious… let me know what you think, thank you!

nice job! a very clean site! it loads very fast too, Im on a 128 k connection… I would like to see a contact form besides ur info


wow, u got that done quickly! im impressed. I like it as much as i ever have, but i still think it would be worth making the objects in the room clickable also.
Great job. Have a lolly.

thanks… ive been working night and day to finish this thing. Only prob with the clickable images is that not everything is shown in the room now, so id have to draw in 3 more things. not too much work, but i still got to wrestle in some sound fx. thanks for your positive comments!

I really like how you put text on things like newspapers and rolodexes. Good stuff and a huge improvement over the previous portfolio. As for constructive criticism :wink: one thing I would try and fix is to keep the navigation situated around the same area. The ‘home’ links in each section should probably stay near the bottom right like in the main screen, so that the user knows where to find them right away.

im feelin that idea about the HOME button, but where would you put it in the web and graphics section under media… (the computer screen ones)

brilliantly laid out and planned. i like this a lot, so original.

one thing i noticed was that there is no way to get back to the sub-menu and choose a new type of work after you click on web or graphic… something to think about…

other than that, good job! i like it a lot :slight_smile:

easy enough to change i can load the sub menu instead of the main menu… i made them seperate movies… good ideas guys thanks a lot!

ok i changed the nav so when you come out of the multimedia screen the multimedia nav is still there, tell me if it is better… Im also gonna touch the site up later on with some new navigation ideas, nothing drastic, but something little different… until then, later

that is a very original clean cut site - good job - the newspaper part seemed a bit empty in the background tho - up to you however -

good job :slight_smile:

to everyones dismay i have yet to add interactive office equiptment… i did however add a nav help for people who get lost… us tech savy users can usually find our way around, but my own dad got lost some places, and we dont want that. let me know what you think… ps should i ruin the site with some background music? and furthermore should i add sound fx?