1,000th post in the Art and Design FOrum

wowo cool. 1000 posts in here. thats pretty remarkable. I hope this continues to grow. Flash is another medium of expression for art and this thread has evolved nicely. i look forward to seeing more of your guys’ work.

love, Edwin

Hey Edwin…

Huge thanks goes out to Eilsoe for reviving the D&D Forum. He submitted some of his works here which called attention to it and inspired others to do so also.

I need to start crackin and submit things :evil:

me too.

Same here. I have been getting very lax in the producing art department. Work must be getting on top of me… :-\

Well, I have an excuse: I’m waiting for your tutes to arrive :evil:

:x :x

I have partial written ones. Life got the best of me somehow, it really shouldn’t take me this long to write up some easy tutorials.

:sigh: Sorry guys/girls/its/whoevers :frowning: :*(

I wonder…

would anyone be interested in a few Fireworks tutes?

I personally don’t see how you guys can use ImageReady… =) to me, Fireworks is so much quicker to get the best optimization…

Just curious, I could create a couple, should people desire (I used to teach FW1, a while back) … :-\


Well I personally don’t have Fireworks, but the more tutorials the better =) (in my opinion)

yeah, and some tutes on 3dsmax too!! :stuck_out_tongue:

im gonna make some drawin tutes uding hypercam

I can write some MS Paint tutorials!

Wait…no I can’t, I don’t use that piece of crap.

Well I only have PS7 so I will just write tutorials for that :slight_smile:

Well, I suppose I could do some minesweeper tutorials since I’m heavyweight champion of the world of that “discipline”.

pom :cowboy:

By the way, 3DSMax, hell yeah, Eilsoe!!

And somebody please tell Kirupa to update the tutorials. Flex wrote a dozen (where has he gone by the way? :() and I have written quite a few but he won’t put them online. :pirate: :cyclops: :q:

I think flex is on vacation. I think I remember him saying something about that before.

Not 100% positive, but if my memory serves correctly, he is on vacation.

i want some fireworks 4 tutes! i used to think that program was SO much better than PS7! how wrong was I?!:stuck_out_tongue:

but still. I would love to use it again, and i need to do animated gifs so…


Animated gif’s can be made in ImageReady, it ships with photoshop7 :slight_smile:

I’ve never used it though… I use Jasc Animation Shop 3… :slight_smile: