8DESING concept


i’m creating my portfolio site and i want to know how you all like it…

enjoy and post comments

oh and don’t look at htmls’ text - they were for my friend…


Your logo is looking sweet, and the general look is pretty smart too, but you don’t seem to have left yourself much space for the conent so I’d be interested to see how you manage to fit in everything you need

Its hard to comment on much else at this stage

Hmm … I don’t like it that much … Looks like a ‘prepared-ready-ro-download-free-interface’.

Sry dude, but I’m just being honest … I hate it when I have to give negative comments ( well I don’t actually have to, but since you asked for our opinions and ‘our’ includes ‘mine’ )

andrews: you’ll see
voetsjoeba: i’ve made it all by myself if that’s what you ment… but thx for comment anyway…

I like it…but I would have rounded the screen. It looks like a TV so when I see that flat left side it makes me think it looks “off”. I would also increase the opacity on the buttons. They are hard to read. Oh and it looks a little too clean. It could be a little more edgy.

Did you mean to use “times new roman” font in the menu? cos I doesnt look too good. Try using a pixel font and embed it or put it as static text :slight_smile:

font is fff galaxy

updated, but still UC:

Hmmmm That cool blur-in effect is pretyy annoying.
I LOVE YOUR LOGO and your site design is GREAT

updated a little…

oh, if won’t move your mouse for more than 25sec screen will fade out :wink: