A diffiult dilema


I am having quite a tough dillema which I know only I can solve but some input by those “in the know” would be quite helpful.

In a nutshell I am a 29 year old woman and I’ve recently completed my second degree in graphic communication (Digital media) with a first class honours. Previous to this I worked for a small firm as a web designer so I can say I have a couple of years of “creative” commerical experience.

In the last few days I have been offered three jobs which is great but I really don’t know which to go for.

The first is with a digital media agency in London who do work mainly for the film industry. The role is a junior position at 19K per annum but I also have to factor in a 3k travel cost as i live a 30 min train journey from london (so door to door it is about 1 hour on a good day).

The second is with a local company who are really keen to have me. THey are offering me 24K with a payrise in jan 2006 with added benefits and a share option scheme. The work is less intersting but more condusive if i were to decide to have kids in a few years which is quite likely but it’s hard to say. The office is a 5 minute bus journey away.

The third is another local company who would want me as their 'key creative" but the terms are yet to be decided so for the mo they are not part of the equation I guess.

I’m stuck between doing the intersting work which means hardship finacially and time wise but is great experience, or opting for what is really an 8K increase with less interesting/prestigious work.

Can anybody give me any advice/thoughts. I know it’s a matter of working out what is important to me the most but can anyone advise me on what my choice now might have on my longer term prospects career wise?

Thanks for your time