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Date: 02/18/04 13:55:44
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Subject: Flash Help

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Hello, I read your message on the Flashkit website and I have a question for you that I figured you might be able to help me with. I am fairly new to Flash and I am wondering how to set up my Flash movie so that it shows up a certain way in Internet explorer. I checked out your website and it is similar to the way that I want mine to look. The real effect that I am going for is like the one on What I mean by that is I am trying to set my movie up so that on the main browser page when you go to my site, there are no scrolling toolbars on the side, and the image that I have created fills up the whole screen. I know that the way you change the movie size in Flash is by going to Modify>Movie… on the main toolbar, but I don’t know what to set my movie size to so that it looks like the one on the screen. Can you help me? I would greatly appreciate it.

Kelly B.

I don’t know this person, nor have I ever posted anything on Flashkit…


Lol … I bet the mods at FlashKit have all had one of these as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Claudio’s said “Kirupa website” … maybe (s)he realised all the sudden that this was another forum :stuck_out_tongue: