My first Flash site

hi everyone

I’ve just uploaded my first flash site for a photographic buddy of mine:) …just wanted to know what people think of it really…I’m so close to it now I can’t tell anymore:-\ … constructive comments welcome…but try not to upset me too much as the noose is placed on the tree outside…cheers…

cheers again


I just looked over your whole site… let me list of the really good points of your site:

  1. I loaded —incredibly :)— fast. It’s nice not having to wait for long periods of time for a site. (what’s the total size btw?)
  2. You have a simple but eloquent style to your site that makes it easy to use (which is very important)… same applied to the navigation you’ve setup.
  3. I like the box animation you have towards the start of the site (very cool).:rambo:

One thing I have a question about (and before I actually ask it, let me point out this is rather subjective): I’m wondering about the colors you picked for your site. The colours work well together, but imo it’s a little bland. But again, this is a bit subjective and if you have other logos or pieces of your corporate identity that use this scheme, it would make sense to keep it similar.

Ok that’s all from me, I hope it was helpful and constructive,


Thanks for getting back to me…I’ll leave the noose alone for the mo!!

The file size is 200kb thats just for the thumbnails the main images are loaded through load movie.

The colours were in the brief I got he wanted grey and orange. nothing more nothing less…as you pointed out before its a theme that runs through his invoices etc.

Thanks for the comments though I’m glas you liked it…next site on the way!!

Oooo… you have more on the way eh? You’re a design machine