Another conflict in random

There’s tension growing in the thread concerning the “kirupa cribs”, no not the original one, but the new one unnecessarily added by lavaboy.

Random is truly becoming a house of Spam. Is there anything else we could do?

this one is my fault…

my appologies…

I am tired of lavaboy’s dramatic attempts to gain attention.


why do you need to apologize? you’re doing your job as a moderator and at times you have to regulate.

I moved all the problem threads to Forbidden. I read Guig0’s posts, and I do find that the level of hostilities is increasing - esp coming from us. Rev, I do not like many of the things he does either, but usually, I find it best to PM him with my reasons why I don’t like it.

Bringing some blame or pointing out a fault makes the other person more defensive and usually angry. I think, that in the future, we should try our best to PM our disapproval of their actions instead of ruining a thread which may or may not have been created for the right reasons.

The problem is that, while we may feel a thread is out-of-place, many others simply find it interesting to reply to and have fun. It simply wouldn’t be wise for us to deny others their right to have fun while we try to ensure order. I agree with Thor - we should regulate. We should be more of an “invisible” hand that nudges and occasionally shoves people in the right path lol. This is nothing more than a giant covert operation.

I think lavaboy had some good intentions in that thread, but he very well could have asked one of us to simply add all of them to the First Kirupa Cribs thread’s post instead. Or, we can simply merge both of the Kirupa Cribs threads together into one post.

As moderators, we should try to avoid getting entrenched in the verbal battles that the regular members may decide to have. I don’t like to see moderators being ridiculed or looked down upon by the other members - it sets a bad precedent.

This is like cops arresting everybody in a department store because one person stole an item :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

I did send PM’s…

that is how I explained myself to Guigo, & johnBlaze.

I thought that leaving the thread would let people know that even the best of intentions have reprocussions. Lavaboy should know this.

He is going to handle this like always, claim it is personal, that all the mods hate him, and are picking on him. He just doesn’t think about how anything is going to effect anyone else.

I appologize again, I should have handled this better.


Sorry, my bad - I didn’t know you had sent him a PM. As long as you sent out PMs, then it’s ok. If he does that, simply move the entire thread to Random =) He is bound to have to reply to your PM then hehe.

I haven’t checked Random yet this morning, but this probably is partly my fault. When I posted mine, I started a new thread for it as I couldn’t see the old one of Rev’s. That might have made people think it was fine to start new threads on the same topic… Sorry about that. :-\

Whats up with this thread???

What’s up with everybody apologizing? :crazy:

And Lost, maybe that’s because the server freaked out a bit earlier. I kept getting a weird message all the time :-\

I didn’t apologize for anything :evil:

I guess johnBlaze caught my reply to the thread before I deleted it (Kirupa ended up deleting all the argument posts while I was replying so I didn’t know and when I hit submit everything was gone and it was just my post and the original post, but anywho…). He sent me a PM complaining about how Rev getting mad at him wasn’t right and how we don’t see where the real problem lies.

I replied back with a semi-lengthy PM backing Rev up. I have yet to recieve a reply though.

*Originally posted by ilyaslamasse *
**And Lost, maybe that’s because the server freaked out a bit earlier. I kept getting a weird message all the time :-\ **

No, thats not what I am talking about.

I am talking about all this “yeah man, this is so freaking random… what do you think this is, the RANDOM forum?” (said by lavaboy of course)

Then redViper replied with “I’m sorry. For being random. Please dont hurt me”

Oh yeah and lavaboy also stating “hey guig0… you made it onto my cool guy list after yesterday.” (guig0 said something yesterday in the thread about how this place is less enjoyable lately or something)

But anyway… lavaboy ends it with “sending you a pm… this shouldnt be discussed publicly”… which basically means, lets trash talk people through PMs.

They couldn’t have made it more obvious.

Oh sorry :oops: I didn’t really read the thread…

I noticed that as well, lost…

johnBlaze is a troublemaker.


Yeah, hes been on my list since the first time he jumped into something that wasn’t his business just to make an ignorant comment.

Just another to add to the list.

What is it lately. Does this forum scream “immature losers sign up here” or something?

Hey, I’m in his cool list too. How cool is that? :trout:

“Yes… this place is no fun since no one likes me.”

whine, whine, whine, whine…