Another Pre-Loader problem: pre-Load different SWF into a MC

Can somebody tell me how to make the following problem work, if possible.

The problem is: I have a main SWF-file in that SWF-file I load another SWF-file (the preloader) into an MC. Then I want that the pre-loader loads another SWF-file (intro) and when this file is loaded for about 90% that the intro SWF starts playing in the same MC as the pre-loader.

Greetings from Eddepet.

Did you just say that you preload your preloader ???
pom 0]

No, What I mean is that a pre-loader playing in a MC loads other SWF-files into the same MC but only starts playing when someone clicks on a button.

Or is this maybe the wrong way. Is it better to make one SWF-file filled with section in different MC’s??

Hope to hear from you soon.