Another Website

Been a while but I have another one up for S&C:

Kind of a simple design and such - still trying to make it stand out a bit more. Check out the elasticity though. :smiley:

Don’t mind the header image :smiley:

And it’s for a luxury resort in Saskatchewan.

Nav is pretty not fun- spice it up instead of using boring text. Separate the content with a divider, and make the sidebar more obviously a sidebar.

It really just feels like a box with two paragraphs and a header in it.

Try to unify everything with colour and tone.

functionality should be the title, else I’d have a go at you :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a problem. That’s on IE7, I’m not sure about Firefox. You might want to make sure your site works in the most common browsers (Firefox, IE 6 & 7.) before you submit it. Besides that, the corners on the backgrounds are pixelated, the shadows are ugly, the logo image is pixelated and looks distorted, and the navigation, like said previously, is horrendous.

^ :o Thanks Esherido - haven’t had another computer to test on Windows - so that helps.

Will work on those things then. :slight_smile: