Any comments or suggestions for my new site?

this is my site.

i like the random motion that was used, however i think the sound options should be across the bottom rather than in the box on the left side. I’m not sure what the “click and drag” thing will be used for. The layout in general looks good so far. What type of transition do u plan on using between menu items being selected?

transitions are too complicated :puzzle: … and ill see what i can do bout the sound. the drag thing is just for fun i guess… thx for commenting tough :wink: .

On 56 K loading time is too much. Did you make the graphics with photoshop and import into flash? If the answer is yes i suggest trying to achieve the same layout in flash. I can’t see any graphics in your project that can’t be done with flash.
You need a preloader.
I don’t like the font, it’s hard to read.