Site Check Please (First Site)

Hey all,

I had some problems getting this site up - it’s my first done for a family member for free =)

Anyway, I always knew Frontpage but I’ve only been using Flash for a month now.

This site is finished for the most part (the main page and galley) - let me know what you think. Load time, sound loop annoying - anything. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Thanks.


wow for someone who has only been working with flash for a month, I would say you’re off to a great start. The layout is clean and very stylish. The only thing I want to comment on is maybe have a fade in transition for each section, right now the sections just appear after it’s done loading. I just think it would look smoother that way.

Also I think you should incorporate the store section into your layout, right now it opens up in another browser and it looks totally differnt from the other sections.

I know you’re new to all this so those are just some stuff you could work on, but over all I think you did an awesome job considering the time you’ve been working with flash. Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of your work. =)

hey… That’s nice!. I like the pumping engines…=)
It’ll be cool to make the pumping engine animation stop when you turn off sound… :beam:
I agree with electrongeek. A very good start.
The store section will be nicer if it was implemented on the site itself… but i understand that it’s not an easy thing to do. (Unless you’re gonna use the Paypal Webassist component).
Once the sound is turned off, I noticed that once you click on a link - the sound goes back on. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, but you should fix that…

Well., overall it’s a very nice site. But it’ll be nicer if you had a bit more content. :wink:

Hey electrongeek… I just noticed how cool your footer was!. :!: haha
Howd you do that?.. Write a tutorial or sumpthin man… (-:

Hey - thanks for the advice - yeah the music goes back on once the gallery.swf loads because its a separate file and I counldnt figure out how to make it know that the sound was muted in the first file.

The store is kinda outta my control because it’s built with breakthrough (thats the way the owner of the site wants it) and when you change anything, the store stops working.

I’ll try to get him to use the paypal component - that looks pretty cool (coming from an eBayer).

And the transitions into the movies are something I’ll definitely do before the end of the week - thanks electrongeek.

Any more advice would be appreciated - thanks guys.

OH BTW - if you look at the honda on the main page, its suppose to look like it’s moving (the wheels) - was the effect crappy?

it’s not bad… i thought it was just flashing… =X
maybe make the background move too? but doing that might slow things down a bit…